Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Paris Hilton Denies Doggy Stories


One of the many things that Paris Hilton is famous for is for her poor treatment of the scads of pooches she seems to need to keep around her. There was of course the story of Prada, a pup that she forgot to pick up from the vet after she sent her in to get ‘fixed’ and there’s always more gossip on her 15 or 17 pups that she keeps around, illegally, as little accessories. Recently Paris created a stir when a Melrose Avenue pet store refused to let her borrow a Yorkie puppy that she wanted as an accessory for a photo shoot. And apparently Paris lost it, I believe the term ‘ballistic’ was used. She claims that never happened, said she didn’t even have a photo shoot ‘that day’, yet, oddly she remembers ‘that day’ in the sense that she knew exactly what the Melrose store was talking about. She says she loves all her animals and treats them as if they were her children. I am not too sure what she means by that since she’s never really understood what having children is like, but you know….Paris is Paris. But she was upset that people were ‘inventing stories’ about her, given that on her new reality show she included some scenes that make a point of spreading the word about how animals in shelters need loving owners. Whether the story about the Melrose store is true or not, who knows, but she does bring this on herself. Perhaps people would stop ‘inventing stories’ about her using animals as accessories when she stops naming them Prada, do you think?


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